How it works

Our community-based mentoring program is the traditional Big Brothers Big Sisters relationship, where Bigs and Littles get together on their own to share time together in activities that they both enjoy. Matches typically meet at least twice a month spending approximately 5-10 hours together a month.

Getting together is a great time for both the Big and the Little. Youth in the program look forward to spending time with their mentor, for many it is the highlight of their week. We suggest scheduling get-togethers around low or no cost activities. Some examples are playing sports, sharing a pizza, paying a board game, taking a walk, going to a movie, or just hanging out together. For a Big, the most important thing is being there to mentor, listen and just be their Little’s friend.

C.O.U.L Club

Our Club of Unmatched Littles (C.O.U.L.) program allows Littles who are waiting to be matched the opportunity to meet volunteers and get involved with other children through participation in a variety of recreational and educational activities planned and scheduled by Big Brothers Big Sisters. These activities take place once or twice a month and are also attended by our current matches. Examples of past activities include visits to the Pittsburgh Zoo and Children’s Museum, horseback riding, baseball games, picnics, bowling and skating parties, and craft nights.

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